LPG cars – dual fuel or straight LPG?

While many believe when you convert your car to LPG you cannot use petrol anymore. This is generally not the case, and the most common sort of conversion is actually dual-fuel so you can switch from LPG to petrol whenever you like.

What’s the advantage of dual-fuel LPG cars?

This gives a certain amount of flexibility, and allows LPG car drivers to enjoy the best of both worlds. The actual gas conversion does not alter the car much, new equipment is added but the existing car changes very little. So LPG gas car drivers can enjoy cheaper price of LPG, but when it’s inconvenient to fill up with gas or petrol is available cheaply they may choose to use petrol.

How can I get my car converted into an LPG car?

To get a quote on converting your car, give LPG Auto Network a call or email and they will give you a quote on the conversion. You will be surprised just how affordable it is and if you do a lot of driving the saving can really add up in a short time.
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  1. I have got mitsubishi van express 2009 2.4L
    can you guys please tell me how much cost to convert it to LPG

  2. I have an american chevy 350 high compression engine that I would like to convert to LPG. I am also an investor in our local car dealership and have discussed conversions. What is the opinion of home filling pumps?


  3. Thanks for the comment Dan, Please fill the fast quote form or call your closest LPG Auto Network location, that is the best way to get the information needed to get a quote and answer any specific questions. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the enquiry Fawzi, Please fill the fast quote form or call your closest LPG Auto Network location, we can then get all the information needed to give you an accurate estimate – Thank you.

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