What is LP Gas and how is it made?

LP Gas sources

LP gas is a fossil fuel, much like oil and natural gas. It can be refined from either crude oil and natural gas in the same way petrol is refined from crude oil. While many production companies are not trying to create LP gases, they produce them as they are a by-product of the process of refining other fuels.

What is natural gas made up of?

When an energy production company gets natural gas from the ground, about 90 percent of the gas is made up of methane. The rest of the gas is in the form of various different LP gases, which the producer separates out from the methane before the methane is fed into pipelines for use in homes. The amount of LP gas that comes from natural gas differs, but it is usually from 1 to 3 percent.

Where else does LP gas come from?

LP gases are also separated out from crude oil. The refining of oil produces about a 3 percent yield of LP gases, though if refineries were to focused on LP-gas extraction, that number could be nearly 40 percent.